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What Does Iowa Have To Do With Toilet Lifts?

What do Iowa and toilet lifts have in common?

Does Iowa lead the nation in people getting stuck on the toilet? No. California probably does, they have almost 40 million seniors. Iowa only has 3 million. So why am I going to Iowa and not California?

Iowa is where the durable medical equipment stores meet up every year. Dignity Lifts is trying hard to have dealers all over the country. You see, customers want to try the lifts out in person, and dealers allow that. So I travel wherever I can to meet with potential dealers. Next week, I am in Waterloo, Iowa. It is nice there. They have a nice riverfront and charming restaurants. It reminds me of Des Moines, Iowa, which I also enjoy. 

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Image of Dignity Lifts - Deluxe Toilet Lift - DL1
Dignity Lifts - Deluxe Toilet Lift - DL1
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Image of Dignity Lifts - Helper Lift - HL1
Dignity Lifts - Helper Lift - HL1
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Image of Dignity Lifts - Extra Large Toilet Lift - XL1
Dignity Lifts - Extra Large Toilet Lift - XL1
Super Strong

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Tom Nardone
President, Dignity Lifts

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