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Frequently Asked Questions About Toilet Lifts

This page includes questions people ask about Dignity Lifts.

Who uses a toilet lift?
Dignity Lifts users are typically someone who has trouble standing up easily. They most often use a walker. Sometimes they live alone or independently. Their toilet is usually the lowest seat in the home. Without a lift, they are at risk of getting stuck on the toilet. Taller toilets might be easier to get off, but they put your legs to sleep which can cause a fall. A toilet lift is a simple solution to their problem.

Other users include people who are rehabilitating. They may have just had surgery like knee or hip replacement, or hernia surgery which makes it extremely difficult to squat down and get up. These users are often in a rehab facility. 

Who is Dignity Lifts?
The Dignity Lifts company is part of PriveCo, a company that was founded in 1998 to help people maintain their privacy and dignity. PriveCo is located at 352 Oliver Dr., Troy MI 48084. Our phone number is 1-248-457-6876.

Who buys a Dignity Lift?
Anyone. We make Dignity Lifts for almost every possible toilet and person. Check the individual product specifications if you need a model that is used commercially or you need a high weight capacity. We likely have a model for you.

Why do people use a toilet lift?

  1. People use a toilet lift so they don't get stuck on the toilet.
  2. People use Dignity Lifts so they don't fall accidentally. 75% of all falls happen in the bathroom, many of them after toileting.
  3. People use a toilet lift so they can use the bathroom alone. Everyone wants their privacy and independence, having someone help you in the bathroom is inconvenient and embarrassing.
  4. People use a toilet lift so they can continue to live at home.
  5. Some people use a Dignity Lift for a temporary condition, like recovery from knee or hip surgery.

How do you install a toilet lift?
Each model is slightly different, but all Dignity Lifts rest on the ground for stability. They replace your existing toilet seat. Assembling a Dignity Lift is fairly simple, almost everything is pre-assembled for you. Installing the lift around your toilet typically takes a handy person one hour. We publish installation instruction videos right here on our website. 

How is it delivered to me?
Dignity Lifts arrive mostly assembled in a big cardboard box. The box is approximately the size of a large ottoman. Most orders are shipped using a Ground Delivery service, in that case it will left on your doorstep. You can contact us if you need "White Glove" service. We can try to arrange that for you if there is a provider in your area.

How can I get it installed for me?
Depending on your area, we may be able to offer White Glove service. White Glove service can include having the service provide install the lift for you. Dignity Lifts come with all of the instructions a handyman will need to install the lift. The instruction manuals are great and we also have instructional videos. You can ask your handyman to install a Dignity Lift if you want. Typically it takes less than 2 hours to install a Dignity Lift.

How much weight can it lift?
Each of the Dignity Lifts is different, please check the individual product pages to see their weight capacity.

How do I use it if there is no electrical outlet near my toilet?
Our Deluxe Lift uses a rechargeable battery and will lift you over 150 times before it needs to be recharged. That means that you only have to charge the battery about once a month. If you do have power near your toilet, you can leave it plugged in and the lift will even work during a power outage! If you don't have a GFI outlet near your toilet, you easily remove the battery from the lift to charge it. 

How does it help me remain independent?
Dignity Lifts help you Stand Up, For Yourself. They allow you to use the bathroom without the help of anyone else, and they help keep you from getting stuck on the toilet.

When do people buy a Dignity Lift?

  • When they start using a walker
  • When they have knee or hip surgery
  • When they are in danger of getting stuck on the toilet
  • After they leave a rehabilitation facility
  • While staying in a rehabilitation facility
  • When they are trying to avoid moving to a full time care facility
  • When toileting a spouse or parent becomes too physically demanding and they need help.

When will my Dignity Lift arrive?
We try to keep them in stock and ship them right away, from our warehouse in Troy, Michigan it usually takes less than one week for your Dignity Lift to arrive to you. If there will be any delays, we will let you know by changing the product name to include its ship-by date.

What type of toilet will it work with?
Dignity lifts work with almost all toilets. To check to see if yours will work, make sure the lip of the bowl is between 14 and 18 inches high. Almost all toilets fall in this range. If your toilet has some type of really unusual toilet seat, it may not work, but this is exceptionally rare, toilets like those in ultra-modern homes sometimes may not work. These are rare exceptions. Dignity Lifts are meant to work with most toilets and they adjust to do so. 

If you are really unsure and have a truly unusual toilet, take a picture of it with a ruler in the photo and email the photo to DignityLifts(at) We will have our expert look at the photo. 

Where can it be installed?
Dignity Lifts can be installed in any type of bathroom. Some of them even include a commode bucket so you can place the Dignity Lift at the bedside and use it there.

Where can you deliver your products?
We delivery Dignity Lifts to any address in the USA as well as Canada, Mexico, and the islands of the Caribbean.

Can I adjust the height of the lift?
Dignity Lifts are adjustable so that they fit your toilet properly. This is typically done by twisting the mounts for the wheels. 

Can I move the lift?
Yes. Depending on which Dignity Lift you purchase, our Commercial Lift has wheels and are designed to be moved all the time. Others are installed on a toilet. Removing and moving the lift isn't complex though, so if you need to take your lift with you on vacation or to your second home, it is possible.

Does the lift stand up on its own?
The user pushes a button to raise and lower the lift. Dignity Lifts use power to do so. The deluxe lift has the control buttons mounted on the right handle, which is convenient for an individual. The Basic Lift and Commercial Lift have controls on a wired remote so a nurse can control the lift easily. 

Can I use your lifts as a bedside commode?
Some of our lifts come with a commode bucket. Those models can be used a bedside commode.

Is the lift stable?
Dignity Lifts are very stable, much more stable just a toilet. Our lifts maintain four feet on the ground, giving you much more stability than a lift that is only mounted to the toilet itself. Stability is very important to our customers, we make sure to deliver what they need.

Will this lift save time at a care facility?
Yes. Having a dignity lift for your residents to use can save your team from having to assist people with toileting. Health care professionals know that the toileting process can be very time and labor intensive.

Can the lift be moved from room to room?
Our commercial lift comes with wheels so that it can easily be moved from room to room. When you want it to stay in place, you can lock the wheels. Our deluxe lift has wheels available as an option.

Can someone who doesn't need a lift still use the same toilet?
Yes, when you lower the lift down to the lowest position it is roughly the same height as the toilet seat that it replaced. This allows everyone to continue to use the toilet.

What is the return policy on Dignity Lifts?
If you are unhappy with your Dignity Lift, you can return it at three stages. The amount you are refunded depends upon at what stage the product is returned and the condition of the lift when it is received. 

  1. Returning A Dignity Lift - Unopened Box - If you have not removed the lift from the box, you can return it you can still return it with a 10% restocking fee, plus a fee for any discounted or free outbound shipping, within 30 days of purchase. You will also have to have pay the return postage to have the lift returned to us. Ship it to:
    PriveCo Inc. - Dignity Lifts Returns
    352 Oliver Dr.
    Troy MI 48084
  2. Returning A Dignity Lift - Installation Didn't Go Well - Before you install the lift, we ask that you measure your toilet to be sure it will work for you. If you omitted this step and didn't succeed in installing your lift, you can still return it with a 15% restocking fee, plus a fee for any discounted or free outbound shipping. Please put all of the parts and pieces back in the box and ship it back to us:
    PriveCo Inc. - Dignity Lifts Returns
    352 Oliver Dr.
    Troy MI 48084
  3. Returning A Dignity Lift - Used It, But Didn't Like It - If you used your Dignity Lift and didn't like it within the first 14 days you can return it and only pay a 20% refurbish/restocking fee, plus a fee for any discounted or free outbound shipping. Please put all of the parts and pieces back in the box and ship it back to us:
    PriveCo Inc. - Dignity Lifts Returns
    352 Oliver Dr.
    Troy MI 48084

Notes / Additional Fees

  • Lifts returned without their original packaging materials will be assessed a minimum additional fee of $100. Without the original packaging, the lift will certainly be damaged in transit from you to us. Be careful when packing your return.
  • Damaged lifts will be charged a fee for the parts that require replacement. The best way to avoid any charges is to pack the lift in its original packaging with all cushioning in place.
  • Lifts that are returned that are unclean or have ANY evidence of fecal matter on them will be assessed a $100 fee. This is really upsetting to our team. Please make sure the lift is clean.

What is the Warranty on Dignity Lifts?
The Dignity Lifts Warranty offers a 3 year warranty on our toilet lifts. This warranty offers free replacement parts for any item that fails. During the first 90 days of the warranty period, we provide free parts and service in your home or facility. Details of the warranty are as follows.  

  • During the first 90 days of your ownership, Dignity Lifts will send a lift repair person to keep your Dignity Lift working properly. This warranty does not include installation of your lift, it covers only the lift itself and repairs needed due to failed parts or improper workmanship.
  • After 90 days and within 3 years of your purchase we will provide replacement parts free of charge. This does not include wear items such as grips and handles, but it does include the linkages, structure, battery, motors, actuators, and electrical components of your lift.
  • Your first point of contact for warranty repairs will be to call us or email us. Our team will handle your case. We will help diagnose the problem and fix it.

Do you have any other questions?
Please contact us. We love to hear from you and we can post your question and our answer after we speak to you or get your email.

Dignity Lifts
352 Oliver Dr.
Troy, MI 48084
Ph: 1-248-457-6876





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