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Will A Dignity Lift Fit In My Bathroom?

Dignity Lifts toilet lifts fit in almost all bathrooms.
Here is how to measure yours.

Will a toilet lift fit in my bathroom?
Check these things:
    How far is your toilet from other things, like side walls, a tub, or vanity? The DL1, BL1, and WL1 lifts all need 24" of width, so your toilet needs to have 12" of clearance from the center-line of the toilet to any obstruction. (see picture below). Our CL1 needs 14" of clearance on each side.
    Does the bathroom door need to swing there?  The swing of the door might interfere with your toilet lift. Measure 6 inches in front of your toilet's bowl and then be sure there is 24" of width available there.

    Check Your Toilet Style: Don't forget to check this page to makes sure the toilet lift will work with your style of toilet.
    will a toilet lift fit in my house

    Most bathrooms will fit a lift.
    These examples will NOT.

    bathroom too small for a toilet lift
    This bathroom is so small that the entire thing is inside the shower. Our lift cannot be doused with water, so this will not work.
    toilet too close to a wall for a toilet lift
    This toilet appears to be too close to that wall to fit a lift. As a reminder you need at least 12" of length from the center line of the toilet to the wall. That base molding looks a lot closer than 12".
    This bathroom is too narrow for a toilet lift
    The toilet nook in this bathroom is far too narrow to put a lift in there. The nook needs to be at least 24" wide.
    toilet too close to the bath tub for a toilet lift
    This toilet is too close to the bath tub to fit a toilet lift. A toilet lift won't fit in that narrow space.
    stange wallpaper toilet room
    Without measuring we aren't sure if Dignity Lifts will fit in this bathroom, but we are fascinated with that wallpaper! Our initial guess would be that you would need to remove that shelf to provide clearance.

    Next Step: Check Your Toilet to see if it is compatible with a toilet lift. Almost all are, but here is a page with more information.

    Conclusion: Dignity Lifts brand toilet lifts fit in almost all bathrooms, but if your bathroom wasn't built to code, it may not fit. Measuring your toilet area will save you a lot of trouble.
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