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About Dignity Lifts

    Dignity Lifts home officeThis is our building. We are located in Troy, Michigan about 10 miles North of Detroit. 
      Here is a video that explains Dignity Lifts - Toilet Lifts.

      Dignity Lifts makes and sells toilet lifts. Our goal is to deliver these nine benefits of using a Dignity Lifts Automatic Toilet Lift.

      1. Allows you to keep your independence and dignity.
      2. Prevents falls, injuries, and emergency calls
      3. Lets you go to the bathroom whenever you want.
      4. An elegant, helpful solution to a potentially embarrassing problem
      5. Allows you to remain in an independent living situation longer. 
      6. Reduced constipation when compared to a raised toilet seat.
      7. Reduces family stress. (provides peace of mind for the whole family)
      8. Prevents caregiver injuries by eliminating difficult lifting situations.
      9. Saves time and money spent on caregivers.

      Other companies might be a little put-off by the idea of helping people in the bathroom. We are actually proud to help our customers and happy to innovate in this area.

      Dignity Lifts is proud to help you maintain your independence when you use the bathroom alone. We are proud to make quality products at affordable prices, and we are proud to design new products to keep you independent.

      Not only will a toilet lift save you the bother of needing assistance, it will also save you expense of full time care and can help you stay in your home if you want. We want you to have what you want. Independence, dignity, and choice and we are designing products that offer that. 

      We think the marketplace wants three different types of toilet lifts. One type of customer wants a high-quality appliance that will help them in the bathroom. They want it to be the highest quality, the most reliable, sturdiest way to use the toilet. They also want their toilet lift to look sleek and to not disrupt the design of their home. These customers are used to the finer things and they want to remain independent in the home that they worked hard to create. For this customer we offer our DL1 - Deluxe Toilet Lift.

      Some customers want affordability. They require a toilet lift as an alternative to the expenses of a care facility. They want a sturdy and reliable lift, but are less concerned about its appearance. Their desire is for the ability to remain independent and to keep their dignity by not requiring help in the bathroom. For these customers we offer a great lift at a great price, the BL1 - Basic Toilet Lift.

      Many care facilities and hospitals need a lift that can be used to help multiple patients. They may need to move it from room to room as a health aide helps people with their toileting. They may also want to park the lift someplace for a period of days while a patience rehabilitates. Facilities need a heavy-duty lift that can withstand commercial usage. For these customers we offer the Commercial Dignity Lift, the CL1.

      Our corporate structure is Dignity Lifts is a division of PriveCo. PriveCo has been in business since 1998. PriveCo specializes in helping people maintain their privacy. That's where our name comes from PriveCo is short for "privacy company".  PriveCo has helped over 1,000,000 customers maintain their dignity. Everyone wants to be able to use the bathroom alone, without bothering anyone, and without assistance. That's why PriveCo launched Dignity Lifts. 

      Do you need anything from us? Please contact us. 

      Dignity Lifts - PriveCo Inc.
      352 Oliver Dr.
      Troy MI 48084

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