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Shipping Info - How Your Toilet Lift Is Delivered

Dignity Lifts Shipping

This page includes all of the information about how Dignity Lifts are delivered to you. 

Dignity Lifts are fairly heavy, but manageable. We ship most of them using ground freight, right from our warehouse in Troy, Michigan to you. Typically they are shipped UPS ground. The website will calculate the exact cost of this shipment, but plan on between $50-$100 per lift. If you live in the Midwest it will be less expensive, Southern California, it will be slightly higher. Alaska and Hawaii can be quite pricey.

We typically ship your order immediately and then Ground Delivery takes between 4-7 days. You'll be given tracking information when the order ships, so you can figure out when the package will arrive.

Do you need a Dignity Lift in a hurry? We encourage you to call us. We do offer faster services, but they require questions, answers, and a price quote. We do this because we can't ship such a big package using every service to every address. We have to do some figuring first. We can handle it all over the phone for you though. Expect the price to reflect the speed, half the shipping time is usually twice the price or more.

Do you need installation? We offer White Glove Delivery as well. We can also advise your handyman or caregiver on how to install our lifts. Typical installation times are between 1/2 and 2 hours.

Whatever you need, Dignity Lifts is happy to help you. Most customers want a reliable, trackable way to order their lift, and that is what we provide. You can place the order yourself at any time then you will receive:

  • an email confirmation of your order.
  • An email when it ships. This email will include tracking information.
  • An email when it is delivered.
Our goal is to keep you informed of the entire shipping process. We know that you are working to live independently, we don't want to cause you any stress.
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