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Stand Up, For Yourself.

Stay safe at home with a toilet lift by Dignity Lifts.

Testimonials About Dignity Lifts

This has been a life changing device for me. I no longer need help in the bathroom. It's been a life changer for everyone else around me too.

Anthony B.

We purchased a Dignity Lift for our 95-year-old mother back in October. It has been invaluable in helping us care for her. We love it!

Len B.

Thank you very much. It's a nice machine. We had a Neptune Solo toilet lift but it broke. This feels more substantial. Most people don’t know these exist.



I ordered one as soon as I saw it. I may not need it, but I don't want to get stuck on the darn toilet again and I'm not moving to a nursing home.

C. N.

Ordered a Dignity Lift for my wife's mother and cannot express how much this product changed our lives. The lift restored her mother's ability to take herself to the bathroom AND remain longer in her home! Thank you for an amazing product!

Van W.

I can't believe these things aren't everywhere. I know a million patients that could use one. I can't tell you how many people I have had as patients that have had to go to a Nursing Home because they can't toilet themselves.

Dr. M.S.

Thank you so much for your help and FAST delivery of the lift. It arrived Friday evening, my brother installed it with no issues in about half an hour and it is exactly what our dad needed. We are so grateful.


Thanks so much for all your help. I have now been using my lift for a week
and it has quite simply changed my life! I now have more independence and
comfort! I keep showing it off to my friends!



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