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Which Toilet Lift Is Best for Rehab Facilities

Rehabbers, here is what you might need. 
Rehab facilities, do you have patients that refuse to ask for help in the bathroom, but are in danger of getting stuck, or worse, falling? Often patients at Rehab facilities have never needed help in the bathroom and they don't want to start now. This can be troublesome if they get stuck or fall. Instead of forcing them to work with a CNA or Nurse, a toilet lift can encourage them be independent.
Which toilet lift is best for this? Our Commercial Toilet Lift - CL1. The CL1 is the best lift because it is mobile, but also sturdy. Its lockable wheels are great when you need to move it into a new patient's room, but lock it in place while it is there. Then, your patient can safely use it alone.
The commercial lift has a capacity of 350 lbs, which can quickly turn a 2 person lift into a zero person lift! It's a modern miracle of toilet engineering. Find out more information here.
Image of Commercial Lift - CL1
Commercial Lift - CL1
For Facilities
Image of Our Deluxe Lift - DL1
Our Deluxe Lift - DL1
Most Popular
Image of Basic Toilet Lift - BL1
Basic Toilet Lift - BL1
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