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New: Occupational Therapy Screening Tool for Toilet Lifts

New: Screening Tool helps determine if a Toilet Lift is appropriate.

A Director of Nursing asked if we had a screening tool for our toilet lifts. With the help of a couple of dozen OT friends, we now do! What is a toilet lift screening tool?
  • It is a single-page, printable survey to tell if a toilet lift will work for your client.
  • It uses our experience and best practices working with hundreds of customers.
  • It is available free to download at Click Here to download it today
Do you want an explanation of the questions?

1. The subject's mobility level tells us a lot. People who can walk well don't usually need us, walker, rollator, and mobility scooter users do.
2. If the subject struggles to stand up, we can help them most.
3. Fall prevention is an important benefit of a toilet lift.
4. Toilet lifts solve two problems that raised toilet seats cause, including constipation and numbness. High toilet seats can leave shorter clients with their legs dangling. Toilet lifts lower users down to the level of a conventional toilet seat

Conversely, If someone has a lot of strength they won't need a lift and can use handles to lift themselves.

Thank you so much for reading!

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