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Toilet Installations with No Dignity

Terrible Toilet Installations
Determining if a toilet lift will fit in your bathroom is important, so we made a page about that. But there are some toilet installations that are beyond compare. Let's look at some toilet installations that lack dignity.
It took me a second to figure this one out. The grab bars are nice, but I think the door is on the wrong side. Oops!

I call this toilet "The Park and Poop". It might be handy on one of those days where you got stuck in traffic and might not make it to the bathroom.
I'd like to point out that this isn't even an elongated bowl toilet. Also, when you do close the door, anyone passing by is going to be able to see right into the room.
What a lovely, magical lace toilet, but where does all that tulle go when you lift the lid? Does it just hang into the bowl?

Oh, and before you figure that this toilet must not be in active use, please note the almost completely used roll of TP on the roll.
What is going on here? Someone sent me this photograph at least a year ago and I still can't comprehend it. This was obviously an expensive installation, but why and where is it? I have many questions.
We are trying hard to build a world-class brand, part of doing that is making sure your installation goes smoothly. We have a page to determine if our lift will work with your bathroom and a separate page to determine if our lifts will work with your toilet.

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