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Results From Our Survey About Hoyer Lifts

Lessons From Our Hoyer Lift Survey

We conducted a survey about Hoyer lifts. We thought it was a good idea because our mailing list includes thousands of people in the senior care and occupational therapy industries. These are people that use all sorts of patient lifts. Certainly, they know all about Hoyer lifts.

The results were great. We learned about how people use Hoyers, what they like about them (not that much) and what they dislike about them. What other items they use to help get patients to the toilet, and finally, what patients they use a Hoyer lift with.

Our goal for the survey was to determine if there was a place in the market for another type of lift. Is there a possibility it makes sense to use a smaller, more compact lift that would work for people that cannot stand, but can sit upright. We have such a product and wanted to know if people would see it as viable. Is there a problem here that isn't being solved.

1. No one knew what the BMAT Assessment was. BMAT is the Bedside Mobility Assessment Test. It's a measure of how mobile a person is. See This Video.


2. Slightly more than half (55%) consider Hoyer Lifts a single-person assist. 45% consider it a 2 person assist. (There is no hard rule about this. Policies vary.)


2b. Professional users are more likely to consider a Hoyer Lift a 2 person assist. Home users are more likely to see it as 1. We suspect this is because home users do not have a choice.


3. The most common way to toilet someone using a Hoyer lift was by transfering them from the bed to a commode chair.


4. Finally, Hoyer lifts are what people exclusively use to transfer BMAT level 2 patients. We think our Helper Lift is simpler, better solution to transfer people with trunk control.

Image of The Dignity Lifts Helper Lift - HL1
The Dignity Lifts Helper Lift - HL1
Our Helper Lift bridges the gap between a Hoyer Lift and a Sit-to-stand lift. It is meant for people who cannot stand, but do have trunk control. Using a Helper Lift in these situations saves time and gives more freedom of movement.
See It Here
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