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Press Release: Dignity Lifts  Help Elders Stand Up, For Themselves

Press Release: Dignity Lifts Help Elders Stand Up, For Themselves

According to a 2019 study by the AARP, 90% of Americans want to remain in their homes as they age. Since the 2020 pandemic, this number is expected to rise. Americans aren’t interested in voluntarily moving to a nursing home or care facility. They want the comfort, familiarity, and independence of home, their home.  Fortunately more and more products and services are available to make this happen.

The bathroom is where people want the most independence. Requiring bathroom assistance is often mentioned as the most embarrassing part of aging. No one wants to get stuck or need help on the toilet. But bathroom related issues are often what cause a person to move to a care facility. 

Bathroom falls make up 75% of all falls in the home. Dignity Lifts aims to reduce falls and make toileting safer. Bathing is also dangerous, but many elders only bathe two or three times a week. They can hire a home health aid to assist them as bathing can be scheduled. Hiring a person to help you every time you have to use the toilet would require round-the-clock care. It is better to have an appliance that helps you in the bathroom.

“A much more affordable and dignified approach is to install a toilet lift.” says Tom Nardone, President of Dignity Lifts. “Anyone who uses a walker to get around would be wise to consider using a toilet lift.” Much like a walker, a toilet lift provides stability and assistance to people with leg, hip, and balance issues. 

As leg muscles become weaker, many people switch to a taller toilet seat. This may seem like a good solution, but tall toilet seats make it difficult to complete a bowel movement. The result can be painful constipation. Tall toilet seats also cause your legs to fall asleep, which increases the chance of a fall. A lifting toilet seat is a better answer. Dignity Lifts allow you to lower yourself to a normal toilet height so you can go properly, and raise yourself back to a standing position so you won’t fall. The movement of a toilet lift is smooth and paced properly to avoid accidents and light-headedness. It is easy to understand why Dignity Lifts Toilet Lifts are becoming popular. 

You can learn more about Dignity Lifts at 

You can also call the company at 1-248-457-6876

Tom Nardone, President is available for conversations at that number and at
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