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A Poem About Toilet Lifts?

A Poem?

Today I wrote a poem. I'm not good at writing poems and I haven't written one in 10 years, but I was inspired by a memory.

Prior to Dignity Lifts, I founded a different successful company called BulletSafe. When I would travel I could fit my entire trade show display in one suitcase. Being able to roll everything I needed through the airport was a joy. I can't do that now, life is full of logistics, advanced shipping, fees, and worry.

Today I tackled the problem and managed to squeeze our trade show booth down to a single case. I was so pleased I wrote a poem.
(note: enthusiasm isn’t talent).




Travel light.

Move free.


lean, fit



A single

large case of


all I need


Freedom to help

Freedom to move

Dignity Lifts



Ha ha! Thanks for reading. If you or someone you know needs a lift, let us know.

We also still have FREE SHIPPING at

We would love to hear from you.

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