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A New Strategy To Keep Independent Living Residents Independent In The Bathroom

A New Strategy Developed
At the Senior Living Executive Conference some executives helped us create a new solution. The problems: Facilities need help with labor and census. Residents want independence and a fun life, and I want to pay my kid's college tuition.

To accomplish this, facilities are going to let their residents know about our lifts. Residents can purchase a lift to remain independent and live happily in the facility. This will save the facility labor and help them retain residents.

How is going to happen? Posters for the bulletin boards.
If you want one for your facility, reply to this email.

This is the flyer we created. Let us know if you want one for your bulletin board.
We can even include the thumbtack.
The food in New Orleans is great!
This meal was from the Gumbo Shop. I arrived at 9:20PM on a Sunday and there was still a line out the door. From left, clockwise (Seafood Gumbo, creamed spinach, shrimp Creole, jambalaya, and red beans and rice.
Suited Up: At this executive conference most of the people wear suits. I guess that's what makes them executives. So, I did too. My suit is purple because that is the Dignity Lifts color. Shoes, phone, and suitcase to match. Bathroom selfie.
Learning from my mistakes: Last year I attended the SLEC and figured that the facilities might want to buy our products. Dignity Lifts were really well received, but very few of the people I met in 2022 bought anything. When I asked why, they explained that the facility doesn't buy them, the resident would. This year we changed our strategy. I'm learning.
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