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Do you need to move to Assisted Living or can a toilet lift be a substitute?

Move to assisted living or choose a toilet lift? Consider these...

Are people happier in Assisted Living? Yes, eventually. Studies show that seniors who live in assisted living feel safer. Being around their peers and the extra care gives them peace of mind, once they get there. Unfortunately, seniors don't want to go there. 89% of seniors want to age in place in their homes.

What is required to move into assisted living? It can include selling many of your possessions including your house and changing your routine. The process is stressful.

What does it cost to stay in assisted living? According to this study from, the average monthly cost for a private room in an Assisted Living facility in the USA is: $4,500 per month.

Toilet Lift or Assisted Living? Assisted living has some advantages, but for a person who wants to stay at home and needs help getting on and off the toilet, Dignity Lifts are a great choice. For the price of 12 days of A.L. you can put a Deluxe Toilet Lift in your bathroom and remain independent.

Why not both... eventually? Someday it may be time to move to Assisted Living, when that happens you can bring your toilet lift with you. Most A.L. rooms have private bathrooms and your lift will allow you the privacy you are used to. In fact, many of our customers are Assisted Living residents and facilities. Those folks use our lifts to avoid moving to Skilled Nursing.

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