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Toilet Tips so that you can have a Super Bowl

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Toilet Tips for a Super Bowl
Super Toilet Bowl
The Super Bowl is a great time to have guests over, but Super Bowl Parties tend to last a long time. Your guests will probably need to use the toilet. Here are some tips to be ready.
  1. A trash can with a liner and a lid is a great idea. Elders may need to change a liner, let them do it discreetly.
  2. Leave spare rolls of TP in a visible spot.
  3. Position a plunger and brush in the bathroom.
  4. Make sure everything is safe for people with balance issues. Tighten down any wobbly seats.
  5. Elders might grab a nearby object to stand up. Be sure towel rods are either sturdy enough or there is some alternative.
  6. Be sure you have soap and clean towels handy.

Here is our annual "Stadiums That Look Like Toilets"

Baylor's Stadium Looks like a toilet
This is the new stadium at Baylor University. Looks familiar!
Tottenham stadium look slike a toilet as well.

You have to travel to Tottenham England to see this architectural delight.

The Qatar Football Stadium also looks like a toilet
Qatar was flush with cash so they built this bad boy for the world cup.
Enjoy the game, from your friends at Dignity Lifts!
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