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(in)Frequently Asked Questions About Dignity Lifts Toilet Lifts

Frequently Asked Questions that we post an answer to, no longer get asked frequently. Therefore, these are now "infrequently asked but often researched questions" or IABORQ

Who uses a toilet lift?
Dignity Lifts users are typically someone who has trouble standing up from a low squat. They most often use a walker, rollator, mobility scooter, and sometimes a wheelchair. Their toilet is usually the lowest seat in the home. Without a lift, they are at risk of getting stuck. A toilet lift is a simple solution to their problem and a great way that they can maintain their independence.

Other users include people who are rehabilitating. They may have just had surgery like knee or hip replacement which makes it extremely difficult to squat down and get up. These users are often in a rehab facility. 

Who is Dignity Lifts?
The Dignity Lifts company is a division of PriveCo, a company that was founded in 1998 to help people maintain their privacy and dignity.

Where are you located?
Our address is: 352 Oliver Dr., Troy MI 48084.
Our phone number is 1-248-457-6876.

Who buys a Dignity Lift?
People in need and the people that care for them purchase a toilet lift.

Why do people use Dignity Lifts?

  1. People use a toilet lift so they don't get stuck on the toilet.
  2. People use Dignity Lifts so they don't fall accidentally. 75% of all falls happen in the bathroom, many of them after toileting.
  3. People use a toilet lift so they can use the bathroom alone. Everyone wants their privacy and independence, having someone help you in the bathroom is inconvenient and embarrassing.
  4. People use a toilet lift so they can continue to live safely and independently at home.
  5. Rehab facilities use Dignity Lifts to help people recover from knee or hip surgery.
  6. Independent Living Facilities use Dignity Lifts to allow their residents to continue to live independently and to remain their facility longer.
  7. Occupational Therapists use Dignity Lifts as part of a toileting plan that will allow people to return safely to their homes.

You can find even more Infrequently Asked But Often Researched Questions here.

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