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How To Install A Dignity Lift on A Super-Tall Toilet

How To Install A Dignity Lift on A Super-Tall Toilet

Some folks have very tall toilets. Here is how to use a Dignity Lifts toilet lift if you have an extremely tall toilet. If your toilet rim height is over 18 inches, this article is for you.

Typically the tallest toilet you'll find for sale has a rim height of 18 inches. But extra tall people can find extra tall toilets. These toilets can have a 20 inch or even more rim height. Other people put their toilet on a riser. This requires quite a bit of plumbing work, and seems a bit strange considering a raised toilet seat would be an easier way to accomplish the height you want. Regardless, we see these really tall toilets and we have a way to work with them.

Our Deluxe Toilet Lift is adjustable to work with toilets with a rim height as low as 14 inches and as tall as 18 inches. So what do you do if your toilet is higher than 18 inches? We recommend using furniture risers under all of the Dignity Lift's feet. These risers as designed to be stable and secure. They aren't expensive either. Here are a couple of links to different furniture risers that will work with our toilet lifts. Note, these risers have space to fit our 3" diameter feet. Many furniture risers are not wide enough to fit our big, stable feet.

If you need 2 inches more lift, here is a great choice.

2 inch furniture risers at

If you need 3 or 4 inches more lift, this is for you.
3 to 4 inch furniture risers at Amazon.

Installing the lift with the risers is easy, during the installation process when you will be adjusting the feet, just put the risers underneath them.

Thanks again for reading this post. We are Dignity Lifts, a company that makes toilet lifts. We will help you stand up... for yourself.


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