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How Much Does It Cost If You Get Stuck On The Toilet?

The following is a study of the costs related to getting stuck on the toilet. The information was compiled through interviews with a police department and a member of our local fire department. Police and fire departments often respond to someone getting stuck in the bathroom. We used these responses plus online estimators to determine the cost of getting stuck on the toilet. 

What happens when someone gets stuck on the toilet? Two scenarios.

  • They call 911: Many people call 911 from the toilet. The dispatcher will send a first-responder to their home to rescue them. This happens very often, typically when someone is feeling weak or is ill. Typically the Fire Department will respond but sometimes police officers do as well. Our interviews show that these rescues are always successful, but also end up damaging your home. 
  1. They typically kick-in your door. This damages the door and door frame. While this is more destructive than picking the lock, they do not have time to spare. 
  2. Though not as common, if you have locked your bathroom door they will have to break into your bathroom as well. 
  3. If you are stuck between the toilet and the wall, they will remove the toilet from the floor to make getting you out easier. (every firefighter and police officer we interviewed knew that this required a 9/16th inch wrench). 
  4. They will transport you to the hospital where you will typically be treated and held for observation. 
  • People without their phone will “fall & crawl”: Without a phone or alert system if someone gets stuck on the toilet, you have little choice. Most people will try to fall to the floor and crawl to help. 
    1. This method risks injury from the fall.
    2. While a bathroom floor may seem like a good place to rest for a while, it is actually more difficult for you to get up from the floor than from the seated position of the toilet. Before you go to the floor, we suggest watching this video on methods to stand up from the toilet
    3. When you get to a phone, we hope you have a strong friend or health aide you can call to get you to your feet and to the hospital.  
    4. Falls are the leading reason why people are forced to move into nursing homes. If you have a fall, your doctor and loved ones may decide you can no longer live independently. 

    How much does getting stuck on the toilet cost?

        • Calling 911: Estimated Cost to You: $1,000-$3,500.  
        • Calling a home health aid to help you up:  $100-$2,000.   
          • If you work with a home health aid, you might call them to help you up: $50.
          • Taxi to the hospital: $20
          • Injury from the fall and the resulting hospital visit - Medicare deductible of $1556
          • Bathroom modifications so that you can be allowed to return home - Minimum of $450 for two grab bars
            Total Cost: $2,076
        • Fall and Crawl then Call 911:  $6,000-$15,000 plus $4,000 per month.  
          • 911 call and visit by first responder ($0 for most people in the USA)
          • Door and frame replacement - $1024 according to Bob Villa
          • Ambulance ride: $170 (which is 20% of the $850 cost)
          • Injury from the fall and the resulting hospital visit - Medicare deductible of $1556
          • After falling you might get sent to assisted living after your hospital stay: $4,000 per month
          • Moving costs associated with leaving your home: $4,000-$10,000. 
            Total Cost: $6,000-$15,000 plus $4,000 per month. 
    Conclusion: Getting stuck on the toilet can be embarrassing and expensive. At Dignity Lifts we make toilet lifts. Toilet lifts are electric appliances that help you stand up after you use the bathroom. Their main purpose is to allow you to use the toilet independently, to keep you out of a nursing home, and to prevent you from getting stuck on the toilet. Our most popular lift is $1499.
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