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6 Reasons People Buy A Toilet Lift

6 Reasons People Buy A Toilet Lift

Here are six reasons why people buy a toilet lift. A toilet lift is an electrically lifting toilet seat. These lifts can lower and raise a person safely so they can use the toilet by themselves. This simple home safety appliance can be a godsend to seniors who want to age in place. Here are the biggest reasons people buy a toilet lift.

    1. To preserve their dignity. No one wants to ask for help in the bathroom. For their entire lives the bathroom has been a quiet place for solitude, not a place where you have to ask for help. A toilet lift allows people to keep it that way.
    2. To remain independent. Given the choice between asking for assistance and not needing that help in the first place, most people would choose independence. Toilet lift customers value their independence. Dignity Lifts customers tend to be fairly affluent and successful. They are accustomed to solving problems themselves and not requiring the help of others. We allow them to continue to solve their own problems in their homes.
    3. Toilet lifts prevent falls. While most people do not buy a toilet lift specifically to prevent falls they are often part of a bathroom safety plan or bathroom safety strategy. Dignity Lifts makes a toilet lift to fit almost every bathroom and toilet, so we can fit into almost any plan to prevent falls in the bathroom. The main alternative to a toilet lift, the raised toilet seat, can actually cause falls. Raised toilet seats can cause constipation and can limit circulation in the legs, both contributing to loss of balance. Bathroom falls are a serious problem among seniors and a toilet lift helps prevent them.
    4. To reduce family stress. - When someone starts to require bathroom help, it often becomes a 24 hour problem. This is very different from needing help with cooking, cleaning, laundry, and bathing. Those activities don't occur as often so they only require part time care. Bathroom help is often what drives people into a care facility. When a person requires help in the bathroom they often over-stress their family members. The result can often be emotional stress, or in the case of moving to a care facility, financial stress. A toilet lift avoids this stress by allowing you to keep your independence.
    5. Toilet lifts can alleviate constipation. - When people have trouble getting up from the toilet, they often begin to use a raised toilet seat. Raised toilet seats do help you get up more easily, they have a significant problem. Our bodies were not designed to evacuate while upright. We require a squat to straighten our bowels and evacuate. The lack of a deep squat the results from a high toilet seat can often lead to constipation. A toilet lift allows you to lower yourself to the correct height and raise yourself back upright afterward.
    6. To save care giving or assisted living expenses. The expense of having someone help with toileting can be significant. Toileting happens around the clock, so hiring someone for that duty is expensive. You can save a significant amount by purchasing Dignity Lifts. A toilet lift can also help avoid the transition to an assisted living facility. These facilities average $4,500 per month. That is a lot to pay if the problem can be solved with a toilet lift.

Toilet lifts solve a significant number of problems that face our elders. Dignity Lifts afford them the freedom, independence, and dignity they have earned. Buying and installing a toilet lift is easy. You can order one from one of our dealers or purchase it online. Installation takes about one hour. We have instructional videos to help guide you or your handyman. We also offer "White Glove" service for people who want the lift delivered and installed. Our most popular model is our Deluxe Toilet Lift - DL1.

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