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3 Things Dignity Lifts - Toilet Lifts Learned at AHCA/NCAL - The Home Care and Assisted Living Convention

3 Things Dignity Lifts - Toilet Lifts Learned at AHCA/NCAL


When you spend a few days with people who offer home care and assisted living, you learn a few things. This was our third time at the annual AHCA/NCAl event so it was the first time we had multiple existing customers to talk to. 

1. Facilities recommend the lift but families buy the lift. Assisted living facilities are great at taking care of people, but making purchases for individual residents is not their specialty. Instead, many facilities and therapists recommend our toilet lifts to the family. Then the family buys the lift. The facility has their people install it. 

2. Toilet Lifts are great for "Ornery People".
Not every senior care interaction is dripping with niceties. It may shock you to learn that some folks aren't happy to be helped. People we spoke with said these folks are great candidates for a toilet lift. People get the most "Ornery" at toileting time.

3. Toilet Lifts help people "Mind their own business".
I honestly thought I had heard all of the puns by now, but in Denver someone dropped a new one on me. It probably goes along with lesson 2. People want to "mind their own business" and our lifts help them do that. 

4. (BONUS!) Sometimes it is better to skip fancy industry parties
After the first day I simply didn't have the energy to schmooze. I only had enthusiasm for was sitting in my hotel room, calzone, chocolate milk, and Monday Night Football. I was rested an energenic for the next day's expo. 


#5. Did you know that Calzones stay hotter longer than take out pizza?  As an Engineer, I analyze these things. Also, the crust traps aromas. Calzones are great.

Thanks for reading my newsletter,

Tom Nardone
President, Dignity Lifts

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