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Will A Toilet Lift Save You Money On Diapers?

Will A Toilet Lift Save You Money On Diapers?

Using fewer diapers will save you money. Every time you use your toilet, You save money. 

How much does it cost to diaper an individual? Good briefs changed 5 times per day can cost $2000 per year not including the cost of wipes, labor, and any medical needs.

How can a toilet lift help? Dignity Lifts removes many of the barriers to using the toilet. By helping people up and down, we allow them to use fewer diapers. The savings can be high and the independence and dignity provided even greater.

Can you use both? Yes. Many of our lift users wear a brief when they leave their home, but they will choose to use their toilet lift when home. Toilet lifts save money, your dignity, environmental waste, and they are cleaner than diapering.

The Dignity Lifts Deluxe Toilet Lift
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