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Remember Last Year When We Won (bought?) An Award at CES?

The Weirdest Product at CES Won a Virtually Meaningless Award

At first we thought our Bidet Toilet Lift had won another great award. But after pondering the situation a bit, we realized that maybe everyone who paid to enter won.

Companies like ours don't win "consumer awards".

While our product certainly helps people who have difficulty standing up or twisting and reaching their backside, we are not the poster children for technological innovation. When we win something, even I get suspicious.

Last year we won a trophy at the medical equipment trade show, but they know toileting. So that seemed reasonable. But The Consumer Electronics Show, CES is the nation's largest trade show.

We think it was rigged.

When we entered the contest we provided a photograph and a description of our Bidet Toilet Lif. The award used our words exactly as provided. No one ever interviewed us about our bidet toilet lift, no one involved has ever seen it, and yet we won. That seems suspicious. 

I should mention that we paid $400 to enter this "competition".

So here is a warning to you, members of the public and the CES Press. Watch out for these awards. They may only indicate a company's willingness to spend $400-$800.



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Tom Nardone
President, Dignity Lifts

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