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Dignity Lifts affiliate program

Dignity Lifts Affiliate Program Will Help Experts Help People

Dignity Lifts is introducing our affiliate program. An affiliate program rewards people and businesses for referring customers to our website. It allows medical experts and experienced therapists to earn a small amount for sending customers our way. Affiliate programs share a piece of the pie, when an order is placed.

Programs like this work well because it takes a number of people to render help. A small company like ours cannot thrive alone. We are too busy designing and building the lifts to speak to everyone. Even if we had the time, we may not have the skill. Sure, we know toilet lifts, but do we know what is best for each person?  Probably not. That should be left to someone like an Occupational Therapist or a Director of Nursing. Those are the people who should be recommending products.

Our affiliate program is a way for those people to get some return on all of the time they spend staying current, and reviewing the latest technologies, and creating the websites, social media posts, and articles that mention our product.

We hope our affiliate program attracts the best and brightest minds in our industry. When it does, we will involve them in the future of our company and continue to develop efficient, effective ways to help people maintain their independence and dignity.

You can see our affiliate program by clicking here.

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