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Are Toilet Lifts FSA / HSA Eligible? Yes.

Is a toilet lift a Flexible Spending Account (FSA) or Health Spending Account (HSA) eligible expense? Yes. Toilet lifts are a capital expense for equipment you install in your home. They don't add significantly to the value of your home, and they do contribute to your medical care, so they are eligible. You can expense a toilet lift, like Dignity Lifts for yourself, your spouse, your child, your mother and your father.

For reference, we use the IRS Publication 502 which is found here.

Here is the specific passage that mentions lifts:

Capital Expenses

You can include in medical expenses amounts you pay for special equipment installed in a home, or for improvements, if their main purpose is medical care for you, your spouse, or your dependent. The cost of permanent improvements that increase the value of your property may be partly included as a medical expense. The cost of the improvement is reduced by the increase in the value of your property. The difference is a medical expense. If the value of your property isn't increased by the improvement, the entire cost is included as a medical expense.

Certain improvements made to accommodate a home to your disabled condition, or that of your spouse or your dependents who live with you, don't usually increase the value of the home and the cost can be included in full as medical expenses. These improvements include, but aren't limited to, the following items.

  • Constructing entrance or exit ramps for your home.

  • Widening doorways at entrances or exits to your home.

  • Widening or otherwise modifying hallways and interior doorways.

  • Installing railings, support bars, or other modifications to bathrooms.

  • Lowering or modifying kitchen cabinets and equipment.

  • Moving or modifying electrical outlets and fixtures.

  • Installing porch lifts and other forms of lifts (but elevators generally add value to the house).

  • Modifying fire alarms, smoke detectors, and other warning systems.

  • Modifying stairways.

  • Adding handrails or grab bars anywhere (whether or not in bathrooms).

  • Modifying hardware on doors.

  • Modifying areas in front of entrance and exit doorways.

  • Grading the ground to provide access to the residence.


Only reasonable costs to accommodate a home to your disabled condition are considered medical care. Additional costs for personal motives, such as for architectural or aesthetic reasons, aren't medical expenses.

We understand that the price of a toilet lift can be high, but creating a safe, capable lift that can move a person thousands of times is not simple. To help offset the cost of our products, it is wise to use your Flexible Spending Account to pay for your lift.

How to buy a lift using your FSA/HSA. You can use your FSA/HSA card on our website as long as it has a Visa/MC/Discover/Amex logo on it. You'll be emailed a copy of your Dignity Lifts order. Keep a copy of that email for your records. 

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