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A Handheld Bidet That Is Great For Dignity Lifts Users

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Toilet lift users often have trouble achieving great hygiene. Twisting, leaning, reaching, and wiping are more difficult as we age. Dexterity can also decrease causing us to not be able to handle toilet paper as easily. There is an easier way.

A bidet can be really helpful. Using a water rinse gets you far cleaner than toilet paper does. Would you wash your dishes with a dry paper towel? Of course not. Your dish washer sprays them with its nozzles.

We make a toilet lift with a built in bidet, but it is expensive. Our WL1 Bidet toilet lift has an integrated bidet. This bidet is quite complex and it is expensive. The plumbing has to be very sophisticated because the bidet travels up and down thousands of times. It took us years to create it. The final product is great though. It has a heated seat, heated water spray, and even a blow dryer.

Not everyone, including us, wants or needs such a complex device to help them on the toilet. A great solution is to pair your toilet lift with a handheld bidet. We prefer our DL1 Deluxe Toilet Lift and we would pair it with this handheld bidet.

This handheld bidet is made in the USA from ALL BRASS components. It has a very long handle so you won't need to reach far at all. It is easy to install and the on/off mechanism is easy to operate.

Customer Reviews

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anthony sedor
better than "TP"

this handheld Bidet is great. puts the water where you need it.

Susan L.
Great solution

This helped a lot. It is very long, so it is easy to reach where I need to clean. It works great with my lift. I am very happy.

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